The Pearl

“A plan is a real thing, and things projected are experienced. A plan once made and visualized becomes a along with other realities-never to be destroyed but easily to be attacked.” 

“She gathered some brown seaweed and made a flat damp poultice of it, and this she applied to the baby's swollen shoulder, which was as good a remedy as any and probably better than the doctor could have done. But the remedy lacked his authority because it was simple and didn't cost anything.”

John Steinbeck, The Pearl


I guess I've been thinking a lot about pearls this week. A delivery of cultured Japanese pearls came. I sorted through the quality and sent back what I didnt want. Leaving me with a few nice ones that I've set and ready in time for the season :)


japanese pearl earrings


A Pearl has definitely a certain mystery about it. The oyster protects itself from a foreign body or parasite by coating it with a hard crystalline substance. The result is lustrous gem called a pearl. Coveted by many throughout history due to its perfection and beauty.