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Labradorite spiral ring


Labradorite Spiral Ring  .925 Sterling Silver


This collection of stones and spirals illustrates a play into simple form and colours. Smooth white spirals of silver embellish the beauty of the gemstone.

Every gemstone is unique and every piece of jewellery is uniquely handmade. This piece is an original and only available for a short period.

Finnish Labradorite or Spectrolite is renowned for its mystical shiller or Labradorescent as its known. This unique piece dances in all shades from a yellow/green to electric Blue

Fine platelets of varying composition as well as minute inclusions of limenite, rutile and possible magnetite are the causes of the light diffraction.

Eskimos or Inuit people believe that the Northern Lights were once trapped in the rocks. A wandering Eskimo warrior came upon these rocks and tried to set the Northern Lights free with blows from his spear.  He was able to free most of the lights, but some still remained to be permanently trapped within the stone.

Each and every piece of jewellery is exclusively made high up in the alps in my South Austrian studio. Natural gemstones are selected and eco/recycled gold or silver used in creating your piece.

How can I check my ring size?

Do you already have an existing ring that fits? If so click HERE for a PDF to help determine your size


Order this simple ring sizer for the perfect measurement...

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100% Recycled Silver:

There is more than enough precious metal above the ground (already mined) to satisfy the jewellery industry for the next 50 years. Much of it sits in bank vaults and in the form of old and unused jewelry. Time to re-use and recycle!


Our Silver is recycled from scrap jewellery here in Austria.

Recycling Silver does not effect the quality of the metal! Impurities are burned off and the metal is again pure and ready to be alloyed. The finished piece is stamped .925 according with European Hallmark laws.






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Labradorite Spiral Ring
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