I'm an Irish jewellery artist living in the Alps of South Austria. After completing my education in Graphic Design, and gaining valuable experience working with the renowned international artist Philip Gray, I decided it was time to travel. Travel simply for travels sake was not the aim, but rather to find adventure without attachment. Life is a mind blowing, beautiful journey of awakening, personal development and empathy. I travelled extensively for a while, moving between Europe, The Middle East, Africa and Asia. In India I found a home and there I spent some years building up a social project for street kids and there families. My art evolved through these journeys. Painter, Designer, Social worker, I consider all of my work as art. In 2007 I settled here in Austria with my lover Monika and our two children, Samuel and Satya.

Goldschmied Goldsmith - Custom Made

What we do....

Here in my Atelier we specialize in creating high quality custom made jewellery and bespoke wedding rings. Miniature sculptures of aesthetic pleasure ;)

We produce only in small quantities, as limited-edition pieces, or custom made commission. Its a creative chaos of everyday repairs, works of art and much more. I embrace modern and traditional techniques to create art. Metal crafting tools like saws, hammers and files sit alongside the latest technology such as automated polishing machines, 3D technology and Laser equipment.

I love to work personally with my clients in developing unique commissions! Sketchbook in hand and pencil scribbling its way through the conversation.

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Modern alternative wedding rings in 14k Yellow Gold


Life is rarely a straight line.