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Custom made wedding rings


A  private commission is always an exciting challenge. I'm very happy to work together with my clients in producing unique and exciting jewellery.

Your commission starts with a chat! This may be done via email, phone or in Person. If we are not able to meet in person don't worry, email will also work just fine. I work online regularly with many of my clients from all over the world. I will ask lots of questions to get a feeling of your ideas. Sketchbook in hand we will draw our way through the conversation. If the order is for a wedding couple I like to find out a little bit extra background information. How you met, your hobbies etc. This gives me a feel for your style and will help in creating a very personal pair of rings for you both.

It's a good idea to do a quick sketch of your idea before we meet. It doesn't have to be a good drawing! A very bad scribble is a perfect starting point for us to work on. If you are not really sure how the final piece should look it's also no problem. During our discussion I will offer you a few ideas and drawings until we find an idea that you are totally happy with.

Finally we will discuss which stones and precious metals to use. Once the design is fixed I can offer you a price and an approximate delivery time. Your piece will be handcrafted with love, care and fine attention to detail.


Looking forward to working together




A few Examples:





Susanne asked me to create a set of stack rings to represent her love of horses. I suggested three bent horse shoe nails. She loved the idea and I got to work...
Red Gold, Emerald  /  Yellow Gold, Ruby  /  White Gold, Blue Sapphire







Men's Seal Ring. 14k Gold. Made and engraved for the previous mayor of Paternion, Austria







A Celtic Compass,

Did you ever see the 1990 film, The Goonies? Well, in The Goonies the kids found a treasure map in the form of an amulet. They matched the amulet up to the coastline and bang... they found the way to the treasure. Well this pendant is same same but different. The pendant is in two parts. When the two parts come together we have a treasure map and a compass in the watzmann mountains, Bayern. Hold the amulet up to the mountain range, when the cut out and the mountain match you've found North and are on the way to the treasure.





Larimar from the Dominican Republic




Society Divided.

The best way to control the masses is to divide and conquer. Polarization of the population. When we unite we are strong, we are whole. Ok this little sculpture may not change the world but its a hell of alot better than dropping bombs on poor innocent people in the name of peace.




American Diamond


 Sterling Silver/14K Gold and an uncut Canadian Diamond.The Diamond was supplied by the client (daughter of a Canadian Geologist)








Peter asked me to make him a pendant. "doesn't matter what, just make something thats a little bit wild" he said.

Ok, thats a pretty open commission :)

So one day I was sitting on my balcony and I noticed a birds nest with a dead bird inside that had fallen from the eves of the house. "Hmmm interesting" I thought.

I waited a few weeks till the flesh had almost rotten away and the maggots decided to migrate. I didn't expect the skull to be so thin. I had to fill it with wax and strengthen most parts before casting.

Then it was time to set a ruby in the third eye :)






The opal told me how it wanted to be set. It was right ;)
925 Sterling Silver / 22k Gold / 3,6ct welo Opal





 Moonstone Collier. Made to fit :)





The Palestinian map including the "right to return" key.
925 Silver

“We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians.” ― Nelson Mandela






A replica of a Viking thumb ring.

Hans said that the ring should look like it has been buried since the time of the vikings. 






Celebrating a Vagina

A regular customer asked me to make a gift for his wife, to celebrate the birth of their child. We toasted and celebrated his good news. We thought maybe the pendant should look like a vagina. After all that was the starting point.
After a few drawings we agreed that maybe our inspiration shouldn’t be too obvious. The subtle approach while also symbolizing the three members of the family.






Austrian River Gold / Sterling Silver / Green Tourmaline






Breast Cancer Awareness

Im very happy to be one of the sponsors at Kaerntens very own “Breast Cancer Awareness event” at schloss villa mirago  






925 Silver Snake








 Celtic Armband / 925 Silver







 14k Gold ring with Finnish Labradorite






 Rustical, Melted Armband with honeycomb structure. 925 Silver.






Ceramic designer and Author Karen Stechauner commissioned me to create the handle for her collection of Urns or soul houses. 







14k White Gold and Rough Icelandic Lava!!!!

Iceland and its Tectonic plates! When two become one or the other way around. Iceland is splitting in two all the time but stays one island because the gap is constantly filled by fresh magma.






Sterling Silver / Tigers Eye pendant

I have oxidised the Silver using hard boiled eggs (sulfer) and a plastic bag. 







14k Gold  /  Australian Opal

 I love this ring. Solid, unique and a beautiful opal. Kinda reminds me of an apocalyptic signet ring







14k White Gold / Emerald







Pink Tourmaline cabs / Sterling Silver







Ruby Cabochon / Sterling Silver






Work in progress.

A yellow Pirol in 14k.







 14k Gold  /  Welo Opal

This piece was inspired by the king himself! Elvis Presley! I never knew that he had such a fascination with jewellery.  







I met Ernst in Vienna a few years ago. Last year he sent me an idea he had been working on. I loved it! especially the snake. We discussed different types of daggers until we agreed on the one in the bottom picture. Originally the Rose Quartz would sit left on the cross guard of the dagger. This would have made the pendant lopsided so we went for the classic approach and set it in the middle. I created the rose on the side in a little bit of a Charles Makintosh style.






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