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Your commission starts with a chat! If it's possible for you, we can meet here in my Atelier in Austria and discuss your plans, otherwise we can arrange an online meeting.



We will discuss your ideas together and work out a beautiful unique design for you both. If you are not really sure how the final piece should look, it's no problem. I will offer you a few ideas and options until we find an idea that you are totally happy with.


Once we have discussed the design, I will create scaled drawings of your rings. That means you can print them out, cut them out and Voilà! You have two paper rings to try on. We will work together on the design until you're 100% happy. Then I will get started with the metal.

Recycled Gold

Recycled Gold is made up of old jewellery or old electronics. The metal is tested, melted at over 1000 degrees Celsius and refined down to original pure gold (24 karat). The Gold is again tested and then alloyed under strict European Hallmark laws.

We are very proud to say that our Gold is 100% recycled from local scrap by an Austrian refinery. 



Here at Atelier O'Shea we work with a number of miners, particularly in India and Sri Lanka. We support the miners and stone cutters directly by establishing personal contact and paying them fairly.


If you choose a gemstone for your wedding rings we have the best! That means high quality and untreated.

Thankfully chemicals are of no use in Gemstone extraction. Earth is moved, but usually returned back especially in small mines where the land is rented. Miners work hard! They need to be respected and fairly paid! We support miners and stone cutters directly. When we choose a stone parcel from a miner he is paid fairly, contact is made and we look forward to a happy future together.


Price and Delivery

Bespoke wedding rings don't have to be expensive. We are a small company and like to keep things simple.

Once we have decided on all the main elements like metal, Ring size, ring width and design I will be able to fixed price and delivery date. 

Here are a few examples of my work....

Look book
Here are a few examples of my work....


Buying wedding rings or partner rings can be an exciting process. A ring that will be on your finger forever. A symbol of your love! It should be unique, timeless and comfortable to wear. All this combined with your personal touch.

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