We buy old Gold.

The price of gold has sky rocketed recently. Your unused jewellery may be worth a small fortune.

We will weigh it in front of you, and assess its worth. If you wish to sell your items, we will pay you in cash immediately.

Bring your old Gold to our Atelier in Kärnten or contact us to arrange a pick up.


Instant cash. As soon as your gold has been weighed and tested you will be paid in cash

Or maybe you want to give new life to an old piece of Jewellery. I will melt it down and create something totally new for you.

Recycling Gold reduces environmental cost of mining new metals. Your gold will be refined to its purity and reused in the jewellery industry. This reduces the need to mine
new metals!

Here at Atelier O'Shea we are very happy to say that we
use 100% recycled Gold.

Please note: All customers wishing to sell gold items must be over 18 years of age and present valid identification (such as a passport or driving license).

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